Video/Monitor/Driver Problem?

By bogarden
Sep 22, 2006
  1. I am having issues that closley resemble the direct access bug that is mentioned on the forums and elsewhere. When i right click on movies the screen blanks. When I right click or click on the Nvidia systray icon it blanks 3 times in a row then brings up the control panel. It doesnt recognize my monitor in the driver settings even though device manager picks it up fine. But here is the interesting problem. When I am playing online games... i havent tried any others so I dunno if it is limited to them or not but I would imagine not... specifically Everquest and City of Hero's the monitor will blank out every once in a while for a split second or 3. It did this when I first got my card in Everquest a few times and I thought i was in an area where the mobs were casting that lovley blind spell. But then it happend in another area and I knew it wasnt the case. The problem rectified itself for quite a long time and my monitor showed up either by some strange stroke of luck or something but now it is back. When i try to force the Nvidia control panel to rigorously find the monitor i get an error.

    I ran into a new development with this little annoying bug. I updated drivers and applied the Direct Access fix and it fixed it at least on a temporart basis. After I was done playing EQ last night I was zoning into another zone and it locks my computer up. I have had that happen on occasion nothing new. EQ can be a buggy monster at times. When I get the computer rebooted my settings are all messed up and the monitor bug is back.... hrrrmmmm... I think that is what sets it off to start with... some sort of a crash or error with the driver sets it off. At any rate I got my monitor driver re-installed then I switched the monitor cable to the other port via a VGA to DVI adapter... lo and behold it found my monitor. I am so confused and bumfuzzled. I just got this card a while back ago(less than a month.) It is a 6800GS BFG. The first one I got I had to RMA. I got a new PSU to be able to run the critter... it doesnt have a whole lot plugged into it.. It is a Sparkle Power 400watt so it should be plenty of power... I am at a loss... I have never read anything that would cause the monitor to blank out during gameplay.. It just blanks out for a split second or two then comes right back on. But it is definatley related to the driver's not finding my monitor because when my monitor is found by them it doesnt happen. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I suggest that you format the drive, and start fresh. Bugs can be very hard to get out of your system. Your other option is to run system restore and restore to a point from before the problem arrose.
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