Video problem... mouse depedant?!?

By pbsturte
Oct 23, 2005
  1. Okay, so this is a wierd problem that I've just run into-- never seen anything like it before. I've got a relatively powerful laptop-- AMD 2k, 1gig ram, all that, but when I go to run most kind of video, especially DVD, just within the past few weeks, it is choppy and erratic. Here's the wierd part though-- it works just fine, so long as I keep constantly moving the mouse while it's running. But after a while, this gets terribly tiring. I've tried all kinds of different DVD software and it has the same problem with each, so I'd imagine it's not that. To me it seems like there may be some kind of conflict, but god knows why it would have arisen so recently and what I can do about it, and what on earth the mouse has to do with anything....

    Anyway, any insight, reccommendations or help would be appreciated.
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