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Sep 14, 2005
  1. Hi, i have a Radeon 9600XT and keep getting errors everytime i try and play Counter Strike!! Below are the errors.

    0000009c, Parameter1 00000004, Parameter2 80545FF0,Parameter3 62000010,Parameter4 00010c0F.

    Please can anyone help me?
  2. dreamweaver

    dreamweaver TS Rookie

    Does CS just not load?

    Are you getting a stop error or is your computer crashing when you try to play?

    Blue screen of death?

    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your radeon.
  3. locallad

    locallad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for replying, what i get is the blue screen of death. I have tried downloading the latest driver but still no joy.
  4. dreamweaver

    dreamweaver TS Rookie

    Usually when Windows crashes, it stops everything then displays the "blue screen of death" It will be a blue background with white text. It will display the stop error and usually what process caused the crash along with the memory address that windows had problems with.

    Can you load CS at all?
    Or does this error pop up while you're trying to start CS?
    Windows doesn't crash does it?
  5. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Please would you take a few moments to read this post. A message for all newcomers. Thanks.

    Your problem is nearly always caused by a hardware error, and can be very difficult to troubleshoot.

    Is any part of your system over clocked?

    If so reset to the default settings.

    Have you added any new hardware recently?

    If so then try to remove or disable the new hardware.

    Test your ram using the Memtest86+ programme from

    Let the programme run for at least seven passes. If you don`t have a floppy drive, there is an iso version that you can burn to cd, and then boot from that.

    What psu do you have in your system? Is it supplying enough power for your graphics card.

    Check your temperatures, as this can be caused by an overheating problem.

    This is what Microsoft says about your stop error.

    "This is a hardware issue: an unrecoverable hardware error has occurred. The parameters have different meanings depending on what type of CPU you have but, while diagnostic, rarely lead to a clear solution. Most commonly it results from overheating, from failed hardware (RAM, CPU, hardware bus, power supply, etc.), or from pushing hardware beyond its capabilities (e.g., overclocking a CPU)."

    You can find more info on this error HERE. Just click on the 9c: machine check...... In the left hand column.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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