Video Problems, no display

By HaKzOr
Aug 7, 2005
  1. 2 days ago i took out my Nvidia geforce 4 ti4200 and put in a Sapphire radeon 9600xt, and it was working great. Today when i was playing battlefield2 my comp just restarted in the middle of the game, then it returned to windows it restarted again and now my monitor was saying " No video input signal". I took out my new vid card and put my old one back in and still says the message, so i tried a different monitor and still same message. I know it isnt the card that is causing the problem because i tested it in another computer and it works fine. I dont think it is the power supply either because the comp turns on i kno it boots up and all but no display. Is it posible that my AGP slot is burned or MOBO is screwed.
    Please help
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