Video/sound problem

By Gadget123
Jan 31, 2004
  1. My MB is an Abit KT7-Raid running with XP. I recently bought a MSI FX5200 TV128 Vivo and it pretty much worked ok, except I had problems with the packaged InterVideo software seeing my Creative PCI 16 soundcard and the other 3rd party software issues conflicting. So, I bought a Creative SB 16 4.1 luck. Returned it and bought a Creative Audigy luck. In messing around with the drivers (updates/uninstall etc) I couldn't boot up. Had to call MS. I am back up, but now Video card has no tv picture & doesn't see the sound card unless I reinstall SB drivers. Also, when booting, the remote driver startup produces and error, causing me to load manually if I want to use it.

    The card comes with two disks. 1: MSI Multimedia Beyond 3D containing VGA Drivers, MSI 3d Turbo, Live update, E-Color, Directx and some unassociated 3rd party software. 2: Nvidia Personal Cinema V2.25. The audio xover and other associated Nvidia drivers lodge within the sound drivers in the device manager. The Video Crd, Sound crd, USB drivers and a few other items on IRQ11, but no conflicts.

    2 days ago, I unintalled the TV driver and the Audio associated drivers and booted to let XP find the drivers again. It finds the media associated drivers WinTV, but when XP tries to load it's drivers, I get the BSOD and it reboots. I tried to select them by the CD..BSOD. I tried to select the drivers XP has (newest and oldest)..BSOD. (I DL'd the latest drivers from MSI and NVidia and think this originally caused the problems).

    I am real close to just upgrading(wanted to anyway) to a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe MB with 1G DDR and AMD 2600 Barton core. Plan on a new SATA HD and fresh install of XP. Hopefully the use of
    APIC on the Asus will solve this issue as I want to do some DV to DVD video editing.

    Can anyone help me stabalize my present system?

    Will my new system handle things better in XP?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. boost

    boost TS Rookie

    that happens to me

    hi, i would like to know if you solved the problem of capturing video from the card.
    I own a msi fx-5200 vtd too, and got problems when trying to capture video. :blackeye:
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