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By not-so-pwner
Nov 23, 2005
  1. I have a Geforce 6600 256mb PCI-x 16 graphics card. It works well. But I want to try to get it to work on my television set. On the back it has two dvi ports (dual monitor) and an S-VHS B port. It came with an S-VHS B to A cable. Most tvs have an S-VHS A port on it but mine does not. I have a a/v switch (for my ps2, xbox and dvd player) and on it it allows S-VHS. But whenever I hook it up to that it wont work. The tv screen is just Grey (its in the Video setting). Do I need special software for my graphics card or is it just because of the lack of S-VHS port?

    And yes. I know it wont show up well on my Television set because its not Hi-Def.
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