videocard overheating

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Jul 10, 2002
  1. hi, hope you guys answer my question, btw nice site here...

    ok i've got an asus geforce 2-mx-400 64mb
    it runned at 200mhz core 200mhz mem. but now it runs at 180 by 200 and i can't get it back up no matter what, i've tried quite a few software, but that's not my main problem...
    my videocard overheats... even now...running 20mhz less in core then it used to last winter... i just got this computer... it used to run at around 49 maximum.
    now it runs at 55 or above. and idle is about 52, and slowly it seems that the temp is rising when i'm playing the same games... rctw... now its goen up to 63* which is like 144 or soemthing farenheit.
    it didn't do that before, how come its doing that now. and the fan is still running at the same rpm it used to when i bought the computer... what should i do...
    i can probably get a heatsink/fan... but it still runs at 5500 rpm. which is the speed of my current vga fan...
    what do you think could be causing this..?

    my system
    amd 1.3 athlon
    256 ram
    k7sem mobo
    40 gb maxtor.
    asus geforce 2 mx-400 64mb.
    and the rest is all integrated like the s/card etcc..
    and the rest...

    is the only solution a pair of new fan/sink??
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    It is normal to see quite a jump in heat from Winter to Summer, I'd imagine that unless you have a very good AC unit or you have compensated like I did, then that room is probably pretty toasty. I'd suggest a Thermaltake Crystal Orb ($19 from, I'm not endorsing that site, but I have dealt with them before) The Crystal Orb has worked good for me though someone else might suggest another card cooler just as good or better.

    You might want to check the temp of other components as well.
  3. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    Ambient room temperture.
    Unless your card is acting real flakey, I wouldn't worry about the heat. It's w/i the design tolerance.

    As mentioned; replacement fans for the existing fans. Additional heatsinks. Better case cooling.
  4. JAV

    JAV TS Rookie Posts: 210

    Yes, it is a nice site. :D

    This is only for reference: VisionTek GF2 MX400 64mb no GPU fan only a HS. 6ns on the VisionTek SDRAM. External case cooling fan @ 92mm & 43CFM. Core: 225.5 & Memory: 387 (MPLL doubled 193.3). No way can I reach 400 (200) on the memory. It experiences 'glitches' in some programs @ 394 (196.9). :rolleyes: I've also found that it 'tests' best @ 387, even tho' the 'tests' will run @ 394.

    That said: each card is different. Your RAM ns is probably lower than mine & will take a higher clock. Mine is 'technically' too high, but it works well. Your 'core' @ 180 is below stock (200) & if Riva or GFTU will oc it higher, but the screen locks ... :(

    Try turning the memory down & see if that will allow the 'core' to return to stock. Cooling *is* the key.

  5. thissiterocks

    thissiterocks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    thanks guys for your replys... i am now (living in canada :D) so i have limited choices when it comes to buying parts... so currently i'm thinking about vga fan.cause that's what's bugging me most..then later i'll think about other fans.
    so i've narrowed it down to these two:
    only 2 available avaialble to me in the area:

    btw did i mention i'm too young to shop online. so i can't do that either.
    which one do you guys recomment. both are in my price range sooo $$ isn't a problem.
    and is it a good idea to buy thse...are they even anygood.
    and about installation. is it hard... i've actually not done any searches. but hopefully i 'll find instructions to do that.

    and one more thing to ask
    check this out

    see the thing on the left? (circled) what is that... cause it sometimes jumps to 4. soemthing. i don't htink its good. but the manual doesn't explain properly. and what's the meter to the right of that too :D
    i dunno nothing :D

    btw, if it says (like on the page that i link that to) the lifetime of the fan. does that mean that i've to replace it after 50,000 hours?
    and is articsilver enough, or do i have to wipe off two corners and apply some sort of glue

    thanks guys
  6. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    I couldn't get the page to open(the first link you posted) but if you currently have only a heatsink and no fan, you are pretty much better off with anything with a fan. I'll try the link later but if you could just post the names of the coolers you are looking at we can tell you what kind of quality they are.

    As for the life of the fan, I'm not sure what you want to know but if it says 50,000 hrs, then that is an estimate of how long it will last. It may last longer or not that long.
    Most of my fans last out last the computer(meaning I sell the machine or just stop using it and the fans are all still good) I have had to replace one from time to time though.
  7. thissiterocks

    thissiterocks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    sorry guys about the link... the second one wasn't even there:D
    and the second i tried finding the second one... the site went down

    here are the manufacturere's pages. both made by thermal take
    btw, i've got an asus v7100 (mx-400), (with a heatsink and fan)i'm not sure which is best...but says both work on geforce 2's

    and what do you guys mean by :SUper glue no all the sites when it comes to putting the new heat/fan in.
    is silverartic all i need. or do i need some glue as well

    its my first time trying to do this thing... so i'm kinda nervous about opening up my videocard... scvared i'm gonna bust it.
    hopefully the heatsink/fan comes off easily. :D
  8. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    Both of those are good coolers. I use the Crystal Orb myself and have used the Blue Orb before as well.

    As for removal, be careful, some of those things are stuck on there pretty good, others will just pop right off.

    Both those coolers have push pin clips and should attach easily, apply the Arctic Silver compound then clip the cooler on.
  9. thissiterocks

    thissiterocks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    so no need for super glue cause those heatsink/fan clip on .
    btw, i read ur rig... isn't it time to update your dream computer, cause that's a p3, there's the p4 out already, or maybe you just love p3 lots.

    just wanted to ask you another question... dorkie newbie *looks at myself* since you've used both.. i heard that the crystal org has some problem with the fan being able to rotate, that you have to take the top off for it to spin? i'm sure they'd have fixed it by now, hopefully.
  10. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    I haven't had that problem with the Crystal Org, maybe it is only that some of them have that problem or maybe they fixed it.

    As for the "Dream Machine" in my rigs link, you will note the "2000" meaning it was built then and based on one that was featured in Maximum PC magazine.
  11. thissiterocks

    thissiterocks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    that's what i was thinking ;)
    i doubt that a 733mhz is your current dream machine.
    it seems you're a pentium lover... yes they're faster blah lbha lbha. but me student, me need $$$, me not made of $$$, me sucks.. :D so until then i use amd's

    ok once this darn store orders the crystal orb, i shall get it.:p

    i can't believe the darn arctic silver compound is half the price of the fan, i wonder if i'll have some left over for future projects...
    i can't believe it. soo $$$$$44
  12. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    Arctic Silver is the best thermal compound I have found. That tube should serve you through quite a few uses. you only need a thin even layer of it. Be careful not to get any on any solder joints. That stuff is almost pure silver, so it is conductive (I don't care what anyone might tell you)

    As for my rigs, you'll notice the first one listed is an Athlon 1600+. Yes, once I did prefer Pentiums but the Athlon performed better than the P4s available at that time. I really do prefer Athlons now, even if the new P4s are supposedly faster.
  13. Nick

    Nick TS Rookie Posts: 185

    Well the new 533 mhz fsb p4's just blow the amd's out of the water ;/

    I still love my amd's
  14. thissiterocks

    thissiterocks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    got my crystal orb !!!!!!!1

    this is turning into a cpu thread...
    but ...yeah!!!!1 :D :D

    i just got my crystal orb, although i put in a little less arctic silver than the other stuff that came with the orb, it seems ok. everything was easy except for trying to put in my v-card back in :D
    the things on the side were going into the pci slot, like actually going into the slot not just where another pci card is supposed to be.

    it made idle from 52-54 to 46-47, but there's a catch... my software that monitors fan rpm, and temperature has to be switched on for it to stay at 46, or else the temp is 50-51.
    i don't like that cause its pretty close to the idle time before the crystal orb, and usin the program uses power, and it keeps on flashing and going nuts cause it thinks that my fan isn't working cause the orb is plugged into the psu.

    so do you guys think?
    i don't like running asus smart doctor. and it goes nuts... is there another s=ware that i can monitor the temperature...cause i can't find it by just searching.
    i am gonna try to uninstall asus smartdoctor, and use another program... what do you guys think.

    other than that i love the crystal orb... i give it a 10/10
    cause its not its fault that it doesn't cool when the s-ware is flashing and not letting it cool unless the s-ware is switched on.

    btw, smartdoctor is the s-ware by asus that monitors all this.


    btw, i looked in the book, and i'm found out what teh stuff on screen on smartdoctor. one is the "agp bus VDDQ Voltage"?? what's that?
    that goes from 1.47 to 3 once in while. i've seen it do it 2 or 3 times.

    and the other is "AGP bus 3.3 voltage". and i'm thinking that this is supposed to be around 3.3 voltage.

    it does go up to 4.08. and comes back, this happens at about every 5 minutes.

    is there anything to worry about?
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