Videocards that use Fast Write

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Jul 27, 2005
  1. Hello guys. I am new to this forum so bear with me. I currently have installed a Radeon 9550 w/ a heatsink. I am not sure if this card supports fast write but can you guys list for me the videocards you know that suppport this agp feature?
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    Ive always heard that fastwrites should be disabled with Radeon card. It supposedly makes them unstable.
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  4. NFiltrate_Z3R0

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    Thx for the insight on the radeon 9800. But would anyone happen to know the cards that would support this feature and if by any chance that my card is on that list ? :)
  5. Panic_MD

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  6. NFiltrate_Z3R0

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    Sweet! thx. But the thing is mine doesnt have a fan :\ do you think mine is a lower end model that may not support this feature even though the ones with heatsinks/fans do?
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    Man, listen. go ahead enable the fast write n' see how it performs, if you are getting any issues with it just disable it, done. nothing ventured, nothing gained, go get this benchmark test to see how it run with/without fast write. , ciao.
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    It had nothing to do with that. FASTWRITE was/is an nVIDIA invention, it was introduced by nVIDIA with the GF1/GF2 series back in 2000.

    For the first time in the Joe User consumer market which filled with Symmetric Processing hardware and nothing else, hardware with FASTWRITE support allowed "Simultaneous multiple data streams from multiple sources to multiple destinations" for Intel compatible PCs.

    FASTWRITE is a Distributed Processing technique that bypass the normal system data pathway and access directly the Graphic system, which left the normal data pathway for other hardware to use "simultaneously" instead of waiting for their SYMMETRIC IRQ LATENCY time slice to do so.

    AGP with FASTWRITE support was the only hardware which didn't transfer data like all other hardware by using an IRQ and a DMA channel typical of all PCI busmaster devices.

    If you wanted proper FASTWRITE support everytime, then buy an Intel or nVIDIA mobo and ofcourse an nVIDIA video card everytime. In other hardware by other manufacturers FASTWRITE usually was only a useless checkmark feature which did nothing or caused even more problems since they didn't know WTF it was. Most of them had never heard of "Simultaneous multiple data streams from multiple sources to multiple destinations".

    FASTWRITE made 66MHz AGP bus slot (super duper 66MHz PCI bus slot) into kinda "Scalable Link Interface". When FASTWRITE being used it stop doing Symmetric Processing of "sequential one single data stream at a time" and performed Distributed Processing instead with 2 simultaneous aggregate data streams.
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