Viglen Laptop unable to read CDs

By mokaboy
May 5, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    i recently got hold of a laptop free its a viglen 2700T laptop specs

    Pentium III 1ghz
    512mb RAM
    Win 98SE

    Basically the cd drive did not work, it would be detected in bios and would show in windows under my computer but if you double click on the drive it would display the message Cd drive is not accesble please try again. I tried booting with a XP Pro cd and it did not rekonise the cd.

    I have bought a new cd drive and got PC WORLD (uk main pc store) to fit it. This cost £30 and i have just got back to test it and its not working (same problem). I forgot to take my power lead to PC WORLD so they could not test it themselves... i agreed to let them do the work without testing (i kno my bad)

    My question is does anyone know what is wrong with it? I now know how to fit these myself so if it involves going into the laptop i will not hesitate.

    Please please please help me i need this to install format the hdd as its in such a mess.

    Thanks alot in advance
  2. Ellgor

    Ellgor TS Rookie


    Had something similar recently, found out that there is a small plug (two pin) on the back of the CD unit which makes it into Master, Slave etc, move it along and see if that helps.
    Other than that it may need a new unit as wear and tear occur.

    Regards, Ellgor.
  3. mokaboy

    mokaboy TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 136

    They have this on laptops? I thought that was only present on a PC?

    I will have a look today and report back asap.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions? It seems the cd drives are not broke, they can be read by the computer, it shows up in My Computer but will not read any CD's.

    Tried 2 both same model CD drives (Samsung) both doing the same thing.

    Helppppp please
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