Viper II Z200

By zxd · 10 replies
Nov 17, 2003
  1. I have a diamond viper II Z200 video card.I don't know how set to
    AGP 2X or 4X? Help me please.
  2. ---agissi---

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    You can set it in your BIOS, if you press delete on the POST screen (the black screen with all the text when your computer is booting up - or if you have a retail computer it may have a design saying Gateway or HP,etc - just press delete right away on that screen)

    So once your in the BIOS just browse around, dont change anything other then the AGP speed when you find it (shouldnt be that hard to find at all)
  3. zxd

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    Thank you. But I think the jumper on the viper II Z200?
  4. wicka_wicka

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    Dude, you don't change the AGP speed, that could kill your card. AGP speed is not the 2x/4x...thing. I don't know how to change it tho, I'd say it depends on your mobo (what it supports). Unfortunately, since S3 started with the whole DeltaChrome thing they have zero information on this board, so you won't have much luck unless you find someone who owns this board.
  5. Disk

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    Jumper settings.

    You have to place all three jumpers to put the card in AGP 4x.

    I hope you're not planning using this card to play on WinXP... The XP drivers are really bad and S3 doesn't support the Savage2000 chipset anymore :dead:

    It's ok on other windows though...
  6. zxd

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    Re: Jumper settings.

    I planning using this card to play on Win98+Inter BX mainboard.
  7. Disk

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    Re: Re: Jumper settings.

    No jumpers at all for AGP2X... The cards works perfectly fine on Win98 but, some games have serious issues with it (Max Payne)...
  8. zxd

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  9. andreas-w

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    My name is Anderas Wallström and i have a small problem.
    I have a diamond viper II Z200 video card but i have lost the
    driver. You wrote that you had a problem with your card so I suppose that you have that driver. I have not found it anywhere else on the internet so I wonder if you could help me. It would be great if you could send it to me. If you reply to this message I'll can give out my e-mail so you can send it to me.

    /Andreas Wallström - Sweden
  10. Disk

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    Sorry for the delay... I don't check the site very often. You wont find anything if you search for "viper II drivers". Search for the generic drivers instead, the chipset is the "savage 2000".

    The latest (and probably final) drivers made by S3 can be found there :

    I've also seen it on That's what I'm currently using. Stable and TV out is working. As far as I know, they are the only ones supported on WinXP.
  11. Disk

    Disk TS Rookie

    Damn, broken link on savagenews. Check and look for the drivers link (on top of the page). You'll find your answer there.

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