virtual memory and memory usage i need to know

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Sep 28, 2007
  1. virtual memory and memory usage i need to know
    how to know this 2 perfomances and if we need to otuch something to upgrade memory and best usage for your pc.
  2. Tedster

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    virtual memory is hard drive space allocated by your computer for ram that is unavailable or for page swapping. Generally you do not worry about virtual memory. It is a system function. Generally it is set to automatic from windows. With windows XP, 512MB is the minimum to run an acceptably performing computer. 1gb is highly recommended. With Vista 1gb is the minimum, 2gb is recommended.
  3. Fragrant Coit

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    There's lots of different thoughts on RAM / Pagefile ratios...

    I generally set Pagefile to 1.5 x the RAM. [in XP anyway]

    I also set the Min & Max as the same, so the Pagefile isn't spread over the HDD.

    For instance: 1Gb RAM = 1536Mb Pagefile, and set Initial and Max at 1536.

    Everyone seems to have their own theory, but that's my 2c worth.
  4. tipstir

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    Wait a minute...

    ---PageFile (VRM - Virtual Ram)


    Min: 768
    Max: 1536

    1GB of RAM

    Min: 1536
    Max: 3072

    2GB of RAM

    Min: 3072
    Max: 4096

    4GB of RAM

    Min: 4096
    Max: 4096
  5. Fragrant Coit

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    See, different opinions...

    My reasoning to keep initial & max the same is so that when it needs to use a large amount of Pagefile, it's not accessing, say 768Mb on one part of the HDD, and the rest somewhere else.

    Setting it at 1536Mb initial, and 1536 max for example DOESN'T mean it's gonna use 1536 all the time!

    AND, whats the point of having 4Gb of Pagefile, when you have 4Gb RAM?
    Wasted space.

    Do a bit of Googling, see what makes the best sense to you, set your Pagefile, reboot, then Defrag the Pagefile.

    Here's a site that has a slightly different take, but he explains it well...
  6. tipstir

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    You still need PageFile you can't just say hey I got 4GB of RAM why do I need a PageFile? Because that's the way Windows all versions were setup. Still need to swap out to the HDD. It's been this way since 3.0 days. I've tested all methods and what I've advise above it the way I setup systems. There is overhead and cut points but, when it comes to huge dbase and spreadsheets data the extra setting are needed as well.

    There are programs out there that can manage the RAM and PageFile better than Windows OS can, by squeezing as much memory free as posibble.

    Moving the PageFile off C: to another drive to speed it up doesn't work to well later down the road. Putting it on a Flashdrive still not a good idea.

    4GB of RAM you need PageFile that can support that memory size as if Windows uses all the RAM it needs to allocate space on the HDD to blance out the need in a swapping method. Stil not a waste of space it's required as buffer. When you're finish using your software program Windows is suppose to return and free up the memory but there are fragmented memory that doesn't get put back to use.
  7. Fragrant Coit

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    I didn't mean have NO page file for 4Gb RAM
    It's the Australian Rules Football Grand Final today, and I've had a beverage or 2 and perhaps wasn't being clear.

    Read around, form your own opinions on what is the best for the way you use your PC. Ask 50 people, you'll get 50 different opinions.

    I don't disagree with Tipstir, I subscribe to setting Initial & Max the same. Especially if you use a decent Defragmenter like Perfect Disk, where it lays out the PAgefile in adjacent blocks.

    p.s, The Chicken came first......
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