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Nov 4, 2006
  1. Hi all,
    I hope you're all in your best conditions and feeling good...

    Well, i need some technical support here.

    I'm having a problem with the location of the pagefile.sys in my XP . Everytime i set it to be on my WinXP partition, which is D, and which has a large free space on it, i find that file after the next restart, GOES to partition C which doesn't have a good free space.

    The result is that the stupid Low Virtual Memory system tray tooltip keeps on appearing THOUGH I HAVE NEARLY ONE GB free on D.

    I tried several times to specify MANUALLY the size and location of the Virtual Memory from > System Properties -> Performance Options -> Advanced tab -> Change button, but as i said, the file returns to be small in size TO FIT the small empty space on my C partition while it already have a good space on D!!!!!!

    i.e. Strange behavior!:confused: :mad:
  2. Consiglieri

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    Dont forget to hit apply my friend. This has happened to me a few times too.
  3. gbhall

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    you need a new drive

    So on partition c: you have insufficient room for a page file, and less than 1 Gb on partition D: ?

    sorry to say, you need a new drive. Typically 1 Gb will be insufficient to prevent 'thrashing' where the operating system will be unable to find contiguous space for temporary files, will be unable to install updates correctly, will be unable to defragment your partitions properly, will fill rapidly with browser temporary pages, and become slow and prone to BSOD's.

    A new drive of about 80Gb will be very cheap, and this site can be searched for full instructions in how to move your stuff onto it with freely available software.

    good luck, and best wishes
  4. Zeratul

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    Okay, my new question, how can i FORCE THIS ANNOYING PAGEFILE TO RESIDE ON D AND NOT ON C :D
  5. Gars

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    actually is "Set" named
  6. gbhall

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    what does this say?

    opne Explorer window and in the menu go to Tools>Folder Options and click the View tab. Untick the "Do not show system files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected Operating System files" Open Regedit and Navigate to the following key


    The value might be C:\pagefile.sys a b
    (where C: is the drive where it is located and the numbers a and b are the min and max size)

    If that key doesn't make sense, or there are two, then there is a problem.

    Note: that key is hidden unless you unhide everything.

    If it looks ok, but still says C:, change it to D: and reboot immediately. You should also make sure that the other setting ClearPageFileAt Shutdown is not 0x0000001, which would certainly cause your problem (your are effectiveley getting a new page file every time you start up.). The value should be zeros.
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