Virtual Memory too low with 1G ram on XPhome

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Oct 19, 2004
  1. HI, I just installed more ram into my computer. I have Windows XP-Home edition. I have 1G of RAM, 1.8G processor, and an 80G hard drive. Anytime I try to install a new program, it says, "Not enought Virtual Memory." Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Didou

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    What is your virtual memory set to ?

    Right click on "My Computer", then click "Properties" -> "Advanced" -> "Parameters" -> "Advanced", then next to where it says "Virtual Memory", click on Modify.

    You can set your virtual memory anywhere from 1x your Ram amount to 1.5x (or even 2x). Another tip to increase performance is to create a separate partition on which you keep the swap-file. Just remember to keep a small swap file of about 10mb on your system partition, so that ghosting programs like Norton Ghost or Drive Image do not restore an image that will keep giving you an error message about a missing swap file.
  3. leem

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    thank you!

    That is a good idea. IS moving the swap file a matter of finding it and drag and dropping?
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    No. That is not the way to do it, infact I don't even know if Windows would let you try it that way.

    Go to where Didou told you and you can change where it is. Set it manually to 10 megs like Didou said on your C drive. Then set it on the drive you want it to be. I'd also set the minimum and maximum size to be the same, but you don't have to.
  5. Didou

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    & btw are you getting that error message with all the programs you try to install &or just some specific ones ?
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