Virus On Lap Top Pls Help

By dustyfuzzball
Nov 27, 2007
  1. If Anyone Can Help Me Pls I Would Be So Thankful
    There Is A Virus On It Need To Get It Off

    Thank You So Much
  2. dustyfuzzball

    dustyfuzzball TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To be a little more specific - I really am new at the whole troubleshooting thing so please bear with me if I ask for explanations of what seems should be simple directions. I'm not sure where to post and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'll give you an introduction to what I know so far.

    Pop up windows keep showing up telling me I have a virus, do I want to fix it. I'm clicking cancel because I have no idea where they are coming from. I have Norton Antivirus on my machine, but it doesn't say on the popup anywhere that it is Norton posting the popup. I also have Windows Defender running. I don't know if I'm running the windows firewall. (sorry)

    Another one tells me I have the worm win32.netsky and asks me if I want to go online and get it fixed. Ostensibly this came in on an email from the ex. <don't ask...>

    I can get windows explorer to open, but can't get around anywhere.
    I can't get into my email account and had to register via my phone!
    The machine is so slow that it won't even close a window for several minutes.

    This all started on Sunday. Saturday, the machine was working pretty much normally. I'm posting from a friends computer with my laptop currently shut off hoping you guys can help.

    She tried to help me get started on the spyware removal stuff you have posted here, but we can't even get to the web pages to download the scans/HJT and other stuff.

    Please help if you can. I'm willing to try about anything at this point.
  3. dustyfuzzball

    dustyfuzzball TS Rookie Topic Starter

    try going home husband can help

    the thumb you left here will help see you when you get home 143
  4. dustyfuzzball

    dustyfuzzball TS Rookie Topic Starter

    People -

    You have my most sincere apologies. The last post above this one is the ex. He knows my passwords and obviously is tracking my internet activity. We are not in the same household and it escapes me why he would choose to interfere in my attempt to clean up my personal laptop.

    I hereby request he will **** out and I would like to re-sign up under another username and password, if that is acceptable.

    Again, my apologies to all for the confusion.
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