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May 11, 2004
  1. PC has been acting up. Looked into mscofig/startups and a program "svhost.exe -sr -1"
    was listed twice. SVHOST (not svchost)is supposed to be a virus related item. Unchecked same but was checked again upon opening RUN box. Did not open any programs to cause them to be checked. It was listed in my registry under c:\Windows but when I looked into Explorer it was not there. Here again deleted them but they came right back.
    Ran a virus check and nothing shows up. Any help.
  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Use msconfig to remove svhost from your RUN list on startup.

    Also, see for some instructions on disabling the pagefile that does system restore (and sometimes is where a virus hides itself.)

    Then, go to Trend Microsystems and run Housecall online. Or get AVG. If it's a virus, those will probably pick it up.

    Otherwise, have you tried running search for svhost.exe then right clicking, chosing properties, and seeing what file info is there? If you can list those details (file size, manufacturer as it appears, version, tec) it will help us help you identify it.

    Also, what operating system are you running?

    Also, remove FireDaemon from your startup using msconfig. Firedaemon is generally responsible for svhost, but not always
  3. Liquidlen

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    I do not recognize svhost.exe as a virus, but that doesn't mean anything.
    I thought you might want to find Spybot Search & deystroy and Adaware . They are free and excellent products that often find bugs that the best of AV programs miss.
  4. Goalie

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    Liquidlen, are you following me around? And why do you think so much like me??

    Man, I gotta start sleeping soon. :p
  5. gale

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    quote-"Also, remove FireDaemon from your startup using msconfig. Firedaemon is generally responsible for svhost, but not always.."

    Only place I found FireDaemon was in my registry. Deleted same and got THE WICKED BLUE SCREEN upon reboot. Used Restore to boot back up and again FireDaemon appeared. Went into SafeMode and deleted FireDaemon and svhost disappeared from starups. I do not know why FireDaemon appeared only in registry.
    Maybe that bugger has an alias. Thanks a bunch though.
  6. Goalie

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    Glad we could help, and welcome to Techspot btw. :)

    svhost was likely loaded by the firedaemon nonsense. I found that in a google somewhere at home. Firedaemon though runs a high chance of putting extra trojans on your machine, so I'd configure your firewall to watch CLOSELY for any unexpected traffic out of your network.
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