Viruses/Spyware/Malware Link is Broken

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Nov 29, 2007
  1. Go and read the Viruses/Spyware/Malware, preliminary removal instructions. Follow all the instructions exactly.

    The above info is broken on every post here, and can not click to get to the instructions.

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    I tried to get Combofix from here to no avail so I finally got it from another website. Here is the log and the AVG Antispyware is scanning as of this post.

    CID Help somehow made its way (probably from downloading and executing Winzix) into the Add and Remove Programs and is stuck there with a dialogue that pops up every time we try to remove it but to no avail. The dialogue box asks us to type in the verification numbers to "make sure we are not a computer but a human" to that effect.

    I ran Antivirus AVG and Antispyware as I am writing this.
  2. evilfantasy

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    You will need to run a fresh HijackThis scan after the AVG is done cleaning and add it as an attachment.

    Always run the hijackthis scans last, it will show infections that are not there if you run it before.

    have you tried uninstalling it in safe mode?
  3. Hijacked007

    Hijacked007 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    CID Help is in my Add Remove Programs

    I read the info on WINZIX, a so-called 'utility' program. I found that it is true that Winzix is full of downloader trojans. I wanted to find out to confirm it and now this 'virus' may be replicating itself in various files and as a result the AVG Antivirus and AVG Antispyware is taking over Eight Hours to scan but it is still scanning.

    That could only mean that the 'virus' may have made copies of itself and infected various system files. How do I know? It all started out with the CID ads popping and from what the antivirus tells me, there are downloader trojans, and also according to the Lavasoft Adware, it found some dataminers I had quarantined. AVG Antispyware did the same.

    My screen rebooted a few times because my machine was running World of Warcraft, and it BSODed once when it almost got to the Black Temple on the south side. Maybe it's coincidence.

    As far as uninstalling as you suggested, I do not understand what do you suggest uninstalling? Uninstall what?
  4. evilfantasy

    evilfantasy Banned Posts: 428

    Then you are going to have to run the AVG in safe mode.

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    Holy crap, what was that, lol
  5. Hijacked007

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    CID might be gone

    Okay here are the most recent Combo, AVG AS and Hijack. Have fun.

    I am also interested in learning how to read and diagnose these files so I don't have to bother the great people here.

  6. evilfantasy

    evilfantasy Banned Posts: 428

    It isn't something that is easy to learn. There are online classes, but they take a lot of time and dedication to complete.

    The logs look fine.

    Delete this file:
    C:\VundoFix Backups

    You can also delete any logs or special fix programs like vundofix.

    Go to Start > Run and copy and paste next command in the field:

    ComboFix /u


    Make sure there's a space between Combofix and /
    Then hit Enter.

    This will uninstall Combofix, delete its related folders and files, reset your clock settings, hide file extensions, hide the system/hidden files and resets System Restore again

    Let us know if anything else comes up.
  7. Hijacked007

    Hijacked007 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Vundo and Combo are uninstalled. How can I uninstall the CID Help program found in the Add/Remove Programs control panel?

    I tried it before when the verification window pops up to make me type in the given numbers to verify that " am a human and not a bot program" to that effect. When I do type it in and click Remove, it does nothing but probably added more viruses like before I did the disinfection from the above posts.
  8. evilfantasy

    evilfantasy Banned Posts: 428

    What happens when you try to uninstall it?

    Have you tried in safe mode?
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