Vision and Hearing Now but Which will be the Next Sense over The Internet?

By exclamation55
Nov 28, 2005
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  1. toffeapple

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    I can think of a few more uses for that
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    There are a couple of other senses that are (partially) available. You can (or at least you could) buy a box that will give off smell, if the web-page you are visiting are using the proper codes. It had a rather limited range, but this was around '98/'99, so it might have come a bit further since then.

    Something similar to the electronic hug has also been showcased before, though then with the porn industry presenting it for a different use... It too was a suit that you put on. There were also a couple of boxes you could hook up to the computer to "share your love" over the internet. No idea how either of these have come along since I read about it in PcFormat in the late '90ies...

    But a cool find none the less!
  3. exclamation55

    exclamation55 Banned Topic Starter Posts: 76

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