Visioneer 7700 Drivers Re-Install

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Jul 15, 2004
  1. Hi ...
    I have an AMD 2600 ... I just installed a new MB and had to do a new install of Windows XP Home SP 1A ... I have a Visioneer 7700 Scanner that I've had since Windows 98 ... I have installed this 7700 several times without incident. Now, after a fresh install of XP, it comes up as Unknown Driver under USB ... (I've installed all the mb USB Drivers) .... I have tried manually installing the drivers - it comes up "Drivers for your equipment not found" ... I've tried Hardware Wizard ... I've Right-Clicked on the driver and did an install - but the drivers still won't show in any drivers list - even when doing a "show all drivers" .... I've deleted all the files in the INF directory ... Didn't help ... I've changed the "CLASS=Image" to "CLASS=usb" - no help ... I haven't even reinstalled my software yet - I've just been installing drivers ... Any clues?
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    Deleting all your .inf files is not such a good idea. Many devices call up more than one inf-file during install, and these files are nearly always needed for any type of upgrade/re-install.
    So, probably a full re-install of WinXP, unless you made a backup or restore-point....

    For many scanners to work, the Service "Still Image" must be up and running before you install them. Several scanners require the software installed first, before you even connect the scanner.

    Finally, you could try and install that scanner in compatibility mode.

    Hope this first post doesn't put you off.
  3. JanetLee

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    Hi ...
    Didn't delete INF files except as a last resort ... Really didn't want to re-install windows ... was just looking for a way to force windows to load the drivers ... Did install the software first - several times, in fact ... I've never had trouble installing this scanner - and I've done it repeatedly - like every time it gets plugged into a different USB port ... It's always installed the 1st time without any errors ... I can't understand why windows suddenly doesn't accept the drivers ... (PS - all my other drivers went in without error and devices work perfectly) ... This is the 1st time I've installed XP Service Pack 1A ... But would that make a difference? I really don't want to wipe my system and start over
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    I'm afraid you will have to re-install XP (because of the deleted .inf files), followed by the CD-drivers that came with your motherboard (these will install the necessary USB-drivers).
    If you have Drive Image or Norton Ghost or Acronis Image, take an image of the situation before you continue.
    Next, install your scanner, BEFORE you put in the SP1A, as that seems to cause your problem.
    Test that the scanner works properly.
    Then install SP1A and test the scanner again.
    If it still works, install the rest of your drivers and programs.
  5. JanetLee

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    Hi ..
    Thanks Everyone - I re-installed XP Home (SP 1A included on disk) after deleteing INF and scanner re-installed ... (Re-installing XP before deleting INF did NOT help) ... I've had to delete INF files before in 98 before to get something to install, then just copied them back after the device installed ... You used to be able to force an install - but it seems the more "advanced" microsoft becomes, the less you can do manually .... :(
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Glad you got it sorted.

    I will hold on to my Windows 2000 for as long as I can, never a problem and runs rock-solid, contrary to XP, which seems to be infested with problems.
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