VisionTek gets ready for “Prime Time” with new AMD Tuner Line Up

By Julio Franco
Nov 13, 2007
  1. Inverness, IL -The convergence of the PC and home media center capabilities have created the perfect upgrade opportunity for the new VisionTek TV Wonder™ HD series of products that enable HDTV on the PC. Available from VisionTek at leading retail stores across North America, the TV Wonder™ HD 650 series and TV Wonder™ HD 600 series convert PCs into exceptional high definition digital video recorders. The entire line of TV Wonder™ family of products is AMD LIVE!™ Ready and Certified for Windows Vista®, while delivering the ultimate in visual experience and strengthening the value of multimedia PCs. The full line of VisionTek’s AMD based TV Wonder products have immediate availability at Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, as well as other leading e-commerce sites in North America.

    “VisionTek is very excited about the release of our TV Wonder HD products ” stated Mark Bilson, VP, Sales, VisionTek “We are experiencing extraordinary fourth quarter demand and anticipate more of the same in 2008, as both our retailers and e-commerce partners embrace HD upgrade solutions fueled by their increasing media-center PC sales.”

    VisionTek’s TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB (MSRP of $149), and 650 Combo PCI express (MSRP $129), include two TV tuners allowing users to watch and record off-the-air Digital TV/HDTV; unencrypted Digital TV (ClearQAM) cable programming; analog TV; and listen to FM broadcasts. VisionTek’s TV Wonder™ 600 USB (MSRP $99), 600 PCI (MSRP $99), and TV Wonder™ 600 PCI Express (MSRP $99) TV tuners break new ground by offering HD and ClearQAM features at a value price point.

    “AMD’s TV Wonder™ family makes HDTV multimedia PCs a reality,” said Michael Innes, COO & EVP of VisionTek Products, LLC. “The ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB and ATI TV Wonder™ 600 series deliver exceptional performance at a great price for any PC owner who wants to experience HDTV in their home, office or dorm room. We are thrilled to offer our customers the greatest selection of best-in-class TV tuners for the PC.”

    Partnering with AMD, VisionTek has created a strong lineup of USB, PCI and PCI Express tuners for our retail and e-commerce consumers. The ATI based TV Wonder™ tuners easily enable HD reception for those looking for best-in-class hybrid and combo TV tuner solutions for Windows® Media Center bundled with Windows Vista® Home Premium and Ultimate editions, as well as Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005. Every TV Wonder™ complements media-rich AMD LIVE!™ PCs. VisionTek also will provide support for Mac users with the new TV Wonder 650 USB “Mac” version ready for release this holiday.

    “No other company offers this exceptional choice of connectivity and configuration in TV tuner products for the PC,” said Matt Skynner, vice president of marketing, Graphics Product Group, AMD. “Our graphics pedigree is built on long-standing leadership in TV and video on the PC. The ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB and ATI TV Wonder™ 600 PCI/PCI Express products, offered through VisionTek, take the best of our company’s digital TV experience and enable amazing HDTV on PCs today.”

    The ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB is a combo-tuner DVR (digital video recorder) that provides a means for users to switch between analog and digital TV to watch and record a digital TV program while simultaneously watching/recording an analog TV channel. The ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB features ClearQAM tuning, allowing PC users to receive unencrypted digital content available from their local cable television provider. The ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB also features high image quality, advanced 2D and 3D comb filtering, and FM tuner powered by ATI Theater™ 650 Pro. “Our TV Tuner line-up is well suited for any end user, allowing them superior downloading capabilities and advanced features set, this one works well on media devices such as the iPod, PMP, Zune and more.” commented, Jeff Hoeft, Director of Product Development, VisionTek. The ATI TV Wonder™ 600 PCI and PCI Express add-in TV tuners feature: ClearQAM; powerful PVR based on ATI Theater™ 600 Pro video decoder; world-leading ATI Theater™ ATSC reception technology; and, analog TV reception.

    All ATI TV Wonder™ products feature Catalyst Media Center™ -- an easy-to-use interface optimized for TVs with an advanced electronic programming guide, DVD authoring and playback, video conversion and AMD LIVE!™ OnDemand to access the DVR from any computer with a broadband connectivity.
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