Vista Display driver problem ATI 9550

By CadmannUK
Mar 2, 2007
  1. Hi All,

    Just upgraded my PC with Vista Home Premium and it installed all OK except that the default driver will not go above 1024x768 res. I downloaded the latest driver from ATI, the Catalyst 7.2 CCC version for Vista 32, which installed all OK.

    Now I get to the login screen, then onced logged on, the screen just goes black and never come up with a desktop. I can get task manager up and see that both the ati bits are running..

    If I reboot in vga mode and roll back the driver to the windows one, I'm back at the 1024 res problem..

    During the beta stages of Vista the same box was fine at 1600x1200 with both the windows and ati drivers...

    Got any ideas?

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