Vista Home Premium Pricing?

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Jan 4, 2007
  1. I may be upgrading to a better computer within the next few months (i hope), and have been checking out prices online for various components.

    Anyway, when looking at the pricing for Windows Vista Premium, i saw the OEM version was priced at £80, but the Retail version was well over £200, whats the difference between the two packages. how does the pricing system work?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I think....

    OEM ,Original Equipment Manufacturer, you get the disk, thats it, no warranty no support, nothing.. the product is aimed at the seller of PC's who can support his customers.

    Retail, has warranty, instuctions, and support and sometimes other free gimmicks, aimed at the end user who, if things go wrong, will turn to MS for support.

    I think that the pricing structure based on the above is fair, someone who sells PC's incorporates the cost of support into the price of the PC, whereas the end user gets it for an extra cost...its how MS make a bit of money.

    Personally I think the cost as always is extortionate for an OS and am quite happy(ish) with my current XP install.

    Vista can stay on the shelf for a while yet, unless it can make me a coffee and answer the phone for me t hen I may be interested, not that XP does that mind you, but you get the idea...

    PS secret sauce, its the ingrediants that are the secret, not the sauce itself..
  3. Finchy

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    So if i want any kind of support, i have to spend £200+ on a new, probably bug-ridden OS, damn

    It also looks like I need a new signature, well done
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Nope, even if your not totally savvy with PC's you can get all the help you need right here on TechSpot, buy the OEM and save £120, you dont get much help from MS, try ringing them for activation help, you get someone who you have to explain yourself to at least 3 times before they understand the problem, then they give the wrong advice...Mind you I did find Xbox Live support to be spot on when I had a problem,

    As for the Sig, leave it, it still gave me a giggle to read it.....

    As for the Bebo, nice

    The Electric Light Orchestra... oh Mr Blue Sky's up there waiting... Arent you a little young to remember ELO, still a good group, I own, somewhere, a purple OOTB album and a white Jungle 12"

    Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Alien Quadrilogy, Cypher, Forrest Gump, Master and Commander : Except for the last film, some of my favourites as well...

    Nice page

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    Several companies are offering Windows XP Professional, along with a coupon for Vista, for $132... see eCost and Directron... The coupons sometimes only allow Vista to be installed in the same computer in which you installed WCPP... but it is still a bargain over many markets... You DO NOT want the Basic version of Vista unless your needs are marginal.
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