VIsta Problem With Thunderbird Mail

By Drdave
Jun 7, 2007
  1. I have a Toshiba Laptop which came with Vista home basic.Unfortunately I have had many problems with Windows Mail, one of which is I can't delete some of the messages in the inbox.Someone recommended that I give Thunderbird mail a try. Everything seemed to install ok ,but when I entered my password a message came up that said it was incorrect and mail server could not respond. Has anyone run into this?
    Can this be made to work? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks..
  2. Richy Freeway

    Richy Freeway TS Rookie

    Should work fine, I've been running Thunderbird on Vista for ages. Sounds like you've got your login or password wrong. Check them both by trying to log into your mail providers webmail if they have them.
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