Vista <>.v2 roaming profile folders

By wii-ste
Nov 2, 2007
  1. I have a small domain setup with a mix of Win 2K, Win XP, Windows Mobile and Windows Vista clients. The server is setup with roaming profiles and folder redirection for all users.

    All was working well until, you guessed it, I added the Vista clients. First of all, the Vista clients create a new folder called <<username>>.V2 in the profile store, which is annoying but I can cope with, however it doesn't copy accross the users' settings. This means that the user ends up with a blank profile. Now some of the information (Favorites, My Docs and Desktop etc) can be linked, copied or are not that important, but it means that when changes are made to one copy of the profile (say wallpaper for example - just for simplicity) it is not changed on the other profile as they have seperate registries.

    Does anyone know of a way to get Vista and other clients to use the same profiles -or- does anyone know if Server 2008 is going to address this problem?

    I have been looking all day (when I could have been getting on with other things) and have found no help at all.
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