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Vista won't boot from drive.

By ahadden
Aug 2, 2007
  1. So Today I decided to install vista on my main computer. I changed the Boot sequence to CD first, then HDD. Everything ran fine and vista seemingly loaded perfectly. After moving some files from my backup drive back onto my main one and installing some drivers, I was asked to restart my computer (for the drivers) so I did. Remembering that the boot sequence was still set on CD first, and since my driver CD was still in the drive, I decided to set the boot sequence back to the way I had it with XP: HDD and then CD. After doing this I quit BIOS and tried to boot, but I kept getting a message saying: DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENETER.

    So I restarted the computer again, this time with my Vista CD in the drive, and again, the computer wouldn't boot and told me to enter a boot disk. Not knowing what to do, I went back into BIOS and changed the boot sequence back to CD first, then HD. After doing this, and restarting with the Vista CD in the drive, my computer booted up with no problems whatsoever. I tried reinstalling Vista (twice), reformatting the target hard drive, changing the boot sequence around, pretty much everything I could think of.

    The only thing that seemed fishy about the installation process was that when it asked me to choose a drive to install windows one, my data/backup drive (200gb) was labeled as Disk 0 and tagged as primary, while my target drive (80gb) was labeled as Disk 1 and also tagged as Primary. Would changing my backup drive to something other than primary? Will doing that erase all of my files on it? I also read somewhere that the fact that my target HDD is RAID/SATA could play some part in the problem. Is this true?

    I guess my overall question is, why wouldn't it boot from my HD, and how can I get it back to normal? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. skyni1

    skyni1 TS Rookie

    hardware conflict

    I had the same problem with a Vista Premium install and found that it was a hardware conflict with my DVD Rom drive. Make sure that you don't have any jumpers on your DVD or CD drives and the jumpers on the Hard Drives are in the correct places. Once I removed the jumper from the DVD Rom drive, Vista loaded perfectly.
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