Visual Networks, how does it BSOD / Can’t Install the given host file

By maniac_lonestar
Aug 31, 2006
  1. Ok first of all, I just want to know how Visual Networks cause BSOD, I tried reading but I don’t get it or I might not remember why.

    Second, how do update my hosts file from:

    10, Update your HOSTS file - Go to and download the file. Use it to replace the original HOSTS file which can be found in "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc". This will then stop many nasties that you could ever potentially contract from contacting their home server.

    Also is the host files the Restricted Zones? I remember installing New Restricted Zones, but I’m not sure if it was installed correctly.

    Real Player Blank Folder Problem / View Point Media / Hidden Extensions

    Hey do any of yall know why when everytime I play real media files, a blank folder is created in the folder I played?

    I also have a problem with View Point Media player, because I never installed it. Does anyone know how it is installed and what it is used for?

    I also have hidden extensions, and I have clicked on faulty Jpeg files before (it indeed slowed down the system), but I apparently have atleast 5000 jpeg images, and like 100’s of video media, and too much MP3. However, the pictures show up and music is played etc, so does that mean these files are not infected? And is there any better way to find hidden extenension without manually finding it?
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