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Oct 5, 2005
  1. Hello I have an Amd Athlon xp 3000+ but it will only work when it is clocked at 2800+ when i put it back up to 3000+ it works fine for a little while (between 5 and 10 minutes) and then it freezes or reboots, I was wondering wether the voltage needs to be turned up (i don't know how to do this or what the voltage is at the moment). My processor is at the moment working at 58C at 3000+ or about 56c at 2800+. Hope I don't sound too stupid. Thanks guys (and girls).
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Is this an upgrade cpu?
    Check this link AMD ID
    Are you sure it's 3000+?
    Have you checked out your heatsink & fan?
    Blow out all dust and reseat the heatsink with fresh artic silver
    thermal grease. Your temps aren't that high but could be a factor.
    Check for latest bios upgrade for MoBo.
  3. coastymad

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    ok i might seem stupid now but what do all the thing mean on the link, it should be clean as i have only recently brought the processor, and the man said it was a 3000+, i'll see what he has to say... thanks
  4. SOcRatEs

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    The link was to help id your amd.
    Try this link instead chkcpu
    Run it as a 2800+
    then run this utility, it should tell you what it really is.
    If it is indeed a 3000+ we can then trouble shoot what the problem is.
    The 3000+ should run stock @ 2.167ghz
    The 2800+ should run @ 1.856ghz
    not a whole lot of difference.
  5. coastymad

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    Erm one slight snag my computer isn't hooked up to the net i'm using my neighbours, and i think the 2800+ is working at 2Ghz i'll check again later. thanks
  6. coastymad

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    Ok I have done that now, here is my processor specs:
    CPU Vendor and Model:
    Amd Athlon XP 2000+-3200+

    Internal Cpu speed:
    2077.5MHz (using internal time stamp counter)

    Clock multiplier 13.0

    Bus clock speed 159.8MHz DDR

    Cpu-ID vendor string:
    Authentic AMD

    Cpu-ID Name string:
    Amd Athlon(tm) XP 2800+

    Cpu0ID Signature: 06A0

    Current Cpu Mode:

    Internal (L1) cache:
    enabled in write-back mode.

    I think that's what you wanted (i seriously hope so)
  7. SOcRatEs

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    Looks like you got sold an
    Amd Athlon(tm) XP 2800+ as a 3000+.
    As long as it's running stable @ 2077.5MHz then
    you are doing just fine. I wouldn't sweat it,
    unless there is a large price diff. between the 3k & the 28K.
    If so you'll need to take your cpu, this info and the utility to the
    person that sold you the cpu and offer them a chance
    to make it right. Mistakes happen but it's not cool when
    retail computer store make this kind.
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