Voltage requirements for Tualatin 1.4Mhz 512 Cache on P3B-F board?

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Aug 7, 2007
  1. Hi there,
    I am new to this site. I hear alot of different things about the voltage requirements on a P3B-F board. I was told that 2.0 volts should work fine. Also I was told to just plug in the slot t adapter as is and reboot my system. Can anyone help me here, I am afraid to plug this thing in and fry my system, currently using 3.3 volts.

  2. raybay

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    The "Tualatin" runs at 1.475v instead of 1.75v.
    I don't know the specifications of the P3B-F board, but it sounds as if it will not work in your 2.0 board. Period.
    Do a Gurgle search for Tualatin voltage, and you will get a lot of stuff on the entire big picture so far.
  3. garytman

    garytman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the advice Rabay. I did see some posts on some other review sites where they do say the new Tualatins will work at this voltage if they are properly connected to this slot t adaptor which i will check out.
  4. raybay

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    Please post what you learn, as I am sure a great many will be interested.
  5. garytman

    garytman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I did find some information here.


    The new Tualatin/Coppermine processors do work in my board. I think since its a coppermine it allows for the higher voltage settings. This adaptor is amazing, it allows you to adjust the voltage for the CPU and the FSB.

    I am still looking into this but I made an error. Those are two separate processors in my previous post not one. Coppermine and Tualatin. I So, I am seeing if they both are supported with this slot t adaptor.

    I contacted customer support on this issue. I know the slot-t adapter will work in my motherboard but unsure if the CPU will be stable. I have heard of people using these for years on 2.0 volts but I want to be sure. Powerleap has nothing on this type of setup. This is brand new.

    I have read some more threads, I know they are old but someone says that there will be no problems. I honestly do not care if this thing runs too high and burns out. This will give me an excuse to go out and finally get something new.

    Here is the thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/147802-30-slot-upgrade

    I will update this again when I get my memory that I ordered off of ebay, which should be tomorrow. I want to run this at 133 Mhz bus speed so this chip will run at 1.4 and not 1.0. Also my multiplier is locked at 4.5 and with 100 Mhz bus speed this gives me 450Mhz right now. The multiplier is locked on this thing as well, i think its 10 not sure. I will use the default settings on this slot-t adaptor and hopefully all will be well. I am however worried about the jumper setting on this adaptor, they are not really configured for any voltage settings at all. I think that I should at least set this to 2.0 but as in the threads I read, it should just plug right in and overide the settings.

    I will post more, any more information would be great!


    ICUB4UCME TS Rookie

    i know the p3b-f WILL run a tualatin chip with the proper adapter. the big problem with the p3 series and all the other slot1 boards is the voltage requirements doesn't go low enough for tualatin chips. the easiest way is a powerleap adapter which automatically sets the proper voltage for a tualatin regardless of the motherboard setting. PL-iP3/T is the model of adapter you would want to find. if interested i may even have one laying around.
  7. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    But isn't there a detection problem? I haven't tried it, but i was told the system would not boot if things were not right.
  8. garytman

    garytman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am going to try it out soon, waiting for my 1 gig of crucial memory. I will post what happens. According to what I hear as long as I have the latest bios support for my P3B-F board all should go well. Which I do, the last bios release from Asus 1008 Beta 004. I think it will work well with the slot-1 adapter. This adapter is supposed to be the best adapter out for the Tualatin chip giving me options to choose FSB and voltage, which i will leave these set as is. Powerleap does not even offer anything quite like this. This should give me 512 L2 cache as well. I know this isn't very exciting compared to what is out there, but this is all I need for now. I have this Pentium III overclocked right now and it is running so smooth, so this should be quite shocking once i put this bad boy in there. Thank you for your help.

    I have the slot-t adapter check it out here

    Rabay is right. I plugged in the slt-t adapter tonight and nothing. My monitor would not kick on. I thought maybe it was my video card, but when i plugged in my old processor Bingo! I have no idea why it will not boot up. As far as I know this thing is in tight. Any suggestions?

    I am running the latest bios and I have the FSB settings to 133 and I have the voltage setting to 1.5 but for some reason my computer will not boot. I have everything plugged in as far as I know. I am going to Tech support for some possible solutions. I even reset CMOS. Took out the battery and held reset for 15 seconds and that did reset my clock when i rebooted with the old processor. I am clueless!

    I did get some extra power wires with this thing that are not hooked up. It looks like two power adapters attached to a fan plug. I have no idea what that is for.
  9. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul TS Rookie

    I'm new to this forum. I just read the posts
    and I'm very interested in that topic as I
    do plan the same upgrade.

    Seems like the only wires to the mainboard are those of the CPU fan:

    Has the slot-adaptor any additional connectors for the extra wires?
    Is there a detailed manual came with the product?

    PS: What is the revision of your P3B-F?

    Many questions... ;-)
  10. garytman

    garytman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Darth,
    Thank God there is someone else I can talk to about this! I have tried just about everything. I bought mine off of Ebay, so the only thing it came with was a card that told me all of the different jumpers for setting the FSB and the voltage. I really have no idea what Tualatin this is, so i set the voltage at 1.5. I do not see any additional connector on this slot-t. It did come with a double power plug attached to a small white plug. Let me explain, this I believe just enables you to connect the small white plug to the brown plug(attached to the fan on the heatsink) and then to an additiona available power connector on your pc. I tried this and it did nothing except power the fan. Same as you would do if you connected this small brown plug to your board. I did not get a manual either. My revision of my mother board is 1.003. Any suggestions? I hope you get yours to work

  11. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul TS Rookie

    Hi garytman.

    OK, seems like the power connector is for the fan on the heatsink (anything else would be strange).
    Found some infos on the web to identify PIII CPUs:
    may be that helps.
    As I see it the FSB frequency is provided directly from the motherbord (FSB 66/100/133).
    With the core voltage the FAQs isn't very informative. Maybe the voltage is applyed also directly from the motherboard, or the jumper settings lowers it on the slot-t. I think applying higher voltages than 1.5V is not so wise. Maybe the support can help out?

    What is the FSB frequency of your old CPU?
    Did you check if your system motherboard/RAM/GFX combination has capability of FSB133 without slot-t? (overclock only for quite short time and with proper voltage settings with the older CPU if it's FSB is 100MHz)?

    Additional check would be inserting another PIII socket 370 into the slot-t and get it to run. Would give a clue if your new processor/slot-t is OK?

    I hope to get my 1GB RAM today.


    According to:
    The upgradeware slot-T adapter doesn't have a voltage regulator.
  12. garytman

    garytman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey Darth,
    Thanks for the info. I will be checking that out when i get home from work. My computer is definitely capaple of 133 fsb according to the bios that supports it, goes even further than that. I will have to check out to see if i should use the dsw to set for 100 and see if it runs then. Although I am quite unsure of the settings for the dsw. The documentation is not very clear to me according to the manual. I am not sure what to set dsw 1-5 at. I will look into it. I do have an old 370 intel chip a 466 mhz that I just pulled from an old Sony Vaio, maybe I will try to put that in the slot-t. That should work. I will let you know what happens.


    Ok, I finally did get the tualatin to work on the P3B-F revision 1.03 board. I am still not sure if I had a bad cpu or slot-t card or both. It also could of been that the motherboard had to supply the correct voltage to this 1.45 chip. My motherboard only supports 2.0 volts and up. This slot-t card does not have an independent power supply, it relies only on the VRM from the motherboard. This could be another reason why it did not work.

    I ended up buying a Powerleap adapter with another tualatin cpu included. When I first installed this it did not post. I changed the voltage on the card to the correct voltage instead of the factory setting and it posted. I almost fell over I was so excited. Anyway it showed up in bios as a Pentium II 1300 mgz or something. I went in the bios and chose the highest multiplier which was only 11. It does not matter anyway, the cpu is locked at a 14 multiplier and I am overclocking the bus on this cpu to 120 with 2 gigs of 133 ram installed. I do wish I could use this other chip that has a full 512 cache and 133 bus. Anyways, it does work.
  13. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Thanks for giving us the update... a very interesting solution.
  14. garytman

    garytman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Your welcome Rabay, I really wish I did know more about this. I am just glad that I finally got this to post. I do believe the main problem with the 1.03 revision of the P3B-F board is the limited voltage settings. I have read that the 1.04 revision board supplies lower voltage settings. In that case, I feel any adapter card would work. I am going to do some experiments with other adapter cards etc and will post my findings. I did have to go into hardware settings and set the voltage settings to ignore temp of cpu. It was reporting 2.08 for v-core temp and usually it is 2.05 kind of didn't make any sense to me. But, according to the message that came up in the bios I had to change this to ignore. The reason why I knew this is because the bios told me to go to this setting, and when I did the temp was displayed in red lettering lol. So, obviously this was a problem and needed to be changed before it would even boot into windows xp. If anyone has any questions on this, I will try to help you to get this to work for you. The speed is amazing for me! 14 multiplier x 100 bus speed gives me the 1,400 mhz and I have the clock set to 120 which performs very nicely. I am still trying to get my other chip to work though. Its the same 1.4 except 133 fsb and 512 full cache on the die, instead of what I am using now 256(which is not bad) I will post my experiments on here when I get back from Atlanta.
  15. raybay

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    I don't think this would happen over one tenth of a volt. Think how ridiculous that is when a AAA battery is 1.5 volts.

    Would not make sense from an engineering specifications point of view. I suspect there must be amperage involved as well. But
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