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Mar 3, 2004
  1. Norton says it found problems in the volume bitmap. It would not fix them. What can I do?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Start by filling out your user-profile ["user cp" at the top of this page]. Then tell us which OS you have (something with NTFS I presume).
    Have you tried chkdsk /f or chkdsk /x?

    And don't do anything else with Norton please!
  3. nvslater

    nvslater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I would love to fill in cp what ever that is , but i cant stay logged on long enough
  4. nvslater

    nvslater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    guess you got that one. usually it sends me to the login screen . And from there to nowhere
  5. nvslater

    nvslater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    3 machines all xp pro, all norton utilities. That is all I have used for maintenaince, it would be a big step to change now. The other options along with the option in my computer for the C drive show the same results and most use the sane utility.
  6. StormBringer

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    nothing wrong with Norton, I really wish people would stop calling Norton products evil and comparing them to virii. I have been using these products for years on my own machines as well as many clients, without any of the gloom and doom that some of you spout.

    Norton however, won't fix those errors, neither will chkdsk(it will simply write out bad sectors so they aren't used) If you want to fix this, get HDD Regenerator, it will scan the entire disk and actually repair any bad sectors it finds without affecting any files or partitions.
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