Volume to Music system is too low !!!

By RustyZip
Jun 9, 2003
  1. Hi peeps...

    I've connected my PC to my system, but the volume is so low, that it shorts the amplifer.

    Ive connected it from my line-out from the soundcard to the back of the amplifer using phono(?) sockets (red / black) , but to hear it i have to crank up the volume right up, which shorts the amplifer.

    I have no problem with the volume from my cheap computer speakers...

    I realise its (probably) something to do with ohms / power or whatever, but is their an easy solution???
  2. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    Maybe I misunderstand, but if you are using inputs on your amp that are actually marked "phono", then that's exactly what will happen. You need to use another input, like aux. or vid input.
  3. RustyZip

    RustyZip TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 322

    Thanks for the reply olefarte...

    Sorry, i guess i didn't make myself too clear... In here in England (i think) the normal Left & Right Inputs on the back of an Amp are called phono inputs (Red / Black) or (Red / White)... And yes i am plugging them into AV or AUX... Silly name really, to call them phono leads when you have a phono input !!!

    Any ideas???
  4. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    well there is half your problem right there, your in england.

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