voodoo 5 5500

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Jan 15, 2003
  1. Need help. I bought c&c renegade, but it dosen't work on my voodoo 5 5500 card.
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    New Card

    There are several sites that offer third party voodoo drivers. Try voodoofiles.com. If you want my honest opinion buy a new vid card, I gave up on my voodoo 5 six or so months ago. It was a great card but long dead. EM
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    I have two voodoo 5 5500s agps that I still use in my two main machines and love.

    There are three driver sets that you will like, however you may want to try all of them out and see which suits you best.

    There are HoE's drivers, at voodoofiles.com . These have overall decent openGL support, but still have some of the obvious bugs, and very good glide/d3d support.

    Then there are Icemans drivers, at voodoofiles.com . These have very poor OGL support, but awesome D3D and Glide support. If you play mostly older (pre 2002) games, you might like these better.

    The last, and overall best, are the 3dHq beta drivers. These are STILL being worked on. They are working mostly on OGL 1.1/1.2 full support. Their glide support is awesome, and d3d is awesome too, though in some glide3.x games (ala ultima 9, need for speed series) there might be a few issues with the default settings. However, this driver set also includes 3dhq tools, which is a massively powerful tool for tweaking performance in OGL, glide, and d3d.

    Their website is www.tdhq.com
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    Haha :)
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