VPN connection to a proxy?

By Spike
Sep 13, 2005
  1. I'm slightly annoyed by the fact that my ISP was offering an unrestricted service when I signed up, but now seem to have introduced traffic shaping. Just my luck really.

    Anyways, they are using som shiny new Ellacoya piece of kit to do this, and it's hitting me pretty hard in the torrent arena. I don't really do much p2p, but when I do use it, I like to have speeds on large torrents somewhere above 60 KB/s on a 2 meg connection! (my ISP haven't been alll that helpful/able to resolve this issue)

    Anyways, it strikes me that the only way to fix this easily is to connect through a proxy server via a VPN so that the traffic shaping kit on my isp's network can't read the packets and decide what are web browsing and what are p2p packets.

    Is this possible? Is it possible to do this for free, and what do I need to know to do it? (never done it before.)
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