VPN Incoming Connection gets deleted on server 2003 reboot!

By TheWatching
Jul 17, 2007
  1. This is a most annoying problem I am having. I have finally found myself on the cutting edge or maybe the stupid edge...I can not find an answer for this problem.

    I have set up a Microsoft VPN connection under Network Connections. Everything works fine as I want it too.

    The Problem...when the people at the remote office restart the server for whatever reason, the Incoming Connection in Network Connections gets deleted or removed.

    I thought that RRAS services being enabled and configured from previous admin might be the cause...but I unconfigured RRAS and set the process to Manual. Still have the problem.

    I am not using the RRAS services...I don't want to...unless I absolutely need to.

    ALso I have my own server 2003 which I have tested this on. And RRAS services on or off does not affect my Incoming Connection.

    I am wondering if there is some kind of script that runs on boot...and how and where to look for that. I can not reboot at will...this is an active server and I took it over from 4 previous admins. I need to duplicate the problem on my own server so I can apply the fix to the real server.

    Thanks for help.
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