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By techuser
Feb 29, 2004
  1. After setting up my BEFSX41 router, I have setup VPN at work.
    My objective > Is to access work network from home.And to be able to access Unix Server which is behind the my router BEFSX41. My Unix Server has static IP of And normally at work if somebody has to access this Unix Server...I have TinyTerm emulator software. Therefore after installing this TinyTerm emaulation software...I am saving my Unix server's static IP in the telnet connection box. Then to access this Sco Unix box ...I would open Tiny Term and use my login & password ( which has already been created in Unix server)
    Finally I see my Unix Server thru Tiny Term.

    I am getting confused ...To access work network from home and then to be able to access Unix server too...
    How this VPN works ...I have downloded 3rd partySoftware which is again similar to Tiny Term emulator >PUTTY...what IP am I using...only the external IP or ???.
    And when do I use(if at all...??) that 'PRE SHARED KEY' which I defined while setting up VPN...basically I am asking how can I access this VPN tunnel...or what do I need to do access??
    Based on my scenario do I need a 3rd party VPN client & also the emulation program...or just the Putty client is enough.

    DO I STILL to do PORT Forwarding in my Router. As I am thinking that from external IP how would I get to Unix server...do I need to forward my Unix server's IP on the router.
    I have WAN connection type as PPPoE. Also Dynamic IP which keeps changing all the time. How can I get around with this problem?? Can I use DDNS tab in my router. Or just install DYNdns.org service on the computer which is directly connected to my router ...(I dont know if it creates any diffrence by setting up in the router or installing this service separately would help??)

    Thanks...any advice is appreciated!!!
    Thanks to everybody ...
  2. Nodsu

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    For VPN you need special software that works with networking devices at your work.

    If you want to telnet to this Unix server from home you forward telnet port to the IP in your work firewall(s).

    It makes sense to use the DDNS tab in your router. This way the IP gets updated every time it needs to even if coumputer(s) are offline.
  3. lowman

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    VPN Access

    Not too familiar with your particular software, but I can tell you that often time, you will need to create a "rule" of some sort, allowing VPN traffic to and from your VPN gateway. Checkpoint firewalls, for example, use ports 50, 256, 264 and 500 to start. You would create a rule allowing traffice from the IP address of your gateway in and out of those ports (this is just a basic synopsis - it's a bit more involved than that). Not sure if that helps...just my 2 cents.
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