w2000 0or win98?

By vega
Jan 31, 2004
  1. I currently use two computers, one (basic specs) is used for the internet, printing, scanning, burning and other general tasks.
    The other (high specc'd) is used purely for games and nothing else, both use w2000 pro.
    When I made the switchover from win98 to w2000, I was immediatly impressed with the improved performance, ease of use and the fact that it did'nt crash every five minutes but one major bugbear I found was that some of my favourite software were not compatiable with w2000 and also, my microsoft sidewinder force feedback steering wheel (serial) no longer worked - at the time, it was only 14 months old and not being able to use it was a bit of a blow to me as it cost me £80 at the time and is currently gathering dust in a cupboard.
    My question to you is this - with some great driving games out at present, I'd love to get my hands on a wheel but heres my choices - admit that my serial wheel is a lost cause and buy yet ANOTHER w2000 compatiable wheel, or to reinstall w98 onto my gaming computer thereby allowing me to use my wheel resulting in slightly reduced performance - what would you do?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Have a look here, they might have a driver for you:

    See if there isn't a Serial/USB adapter around, that would give a new lease of life to your wheel. Don't these wheels go into the game-/midi-port?

    As an afterthought: you'd have to wipe your Win2000 if you want W98 again. If you prefer W98 for gaming, then start from scratch, install W98 on C: install games and other programs on D: and install W2K on E: This way W2K will automatically put all info and files in place for dual booting. If you install everything in FAT32 then both OS's can read the other one (W98 cannot access NTFS)
  3. vega

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    Jeez, I completely forgot about the option of incorporating two os's onto one hard drive!
    This looks to be the answer to my problems, just hope it is'nt as complicated as it sounds - thanks for the very comprehensive reply rbs.
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