W32/Gaobot.EZ. Virus Removing Tool

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Apr 9, 2004
  1. Hello

    I am facing virus in my network W32/Gaobot.EZ. this virus genrates netsvcs,exe and make functioning of system abnormal.

    i would like to some removing tool

    Plz help me out.

  2. Rick

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  3. laraluna

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    w32.gaobot virus removal

    I am having trouble removing this w32.gaobot virus from my computer because i am not able to go to any symantec site to download the removal tool. (I read that it is a symptom of the virus to not be able to view certain virus related web pages.)

    HELP! What do I do to rid my computer of this virus?

  4. Nodsu

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    Try some less known antivirus makers then. Symantec is always the first thing viruses try to avoid. You could also download the removal tool on another computer and copy it to a floppy.
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    I have a feeling theres a virus on my PC, the reason is all my files from my documents get auto deleted??? im having to save my work on a floppy, and i dont know what kind of virus it may be, can anyone help me?

  6. Goalie

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    I've uploaded Symantec's fix file to "my" website.. I saw nothing against redistributing on Symantec's website, however I hope they'll forgive me if it's a no-no and politely let me know.


    File linked from site. Stupid Geocities/yahoo...

    Had to upload it as a zip. Most people have an unzip package these days, right??

    Hope this helps.

    Also, try Trend Microsystem's online scanner.. it does a good job with many things.


    Hope this helps. Star, LaraLuna- Welcome to Techspot!

    Edit... oh yeah, the Symantec source for that file was http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.gaobot.removal.tool.html
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