Waiting to order my i9300... but... coupon???

By adidaz
Jun 9, 2005
  1. Sup... all the coupons at the moment are already expired, and I really want to save if I can on my comp, I did get the 2% of with the DPA. But I was just wondering if you knew of any good upcoming coupons or any that still work. Thanks
  2. Deal Svengali

    Deal Svengali TS Rookie Posts: 372

    There is currently 2 Inspiron Coupons a $600 off $1499 AND A $750 OFF $1899

    I have more info here
    Dell Inspiron Coupons
  3. adidaz

    adidaz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Neither of those work, they have already reached the limit for them and wont work. Already tried them on the coupon thing for check out on dell.com Any new ones, or ones that still work, the 2% one for the DPA still works.

    Didnt know you had to go thru the link. Thanks though. So I save $425 of my system. Another $60 on shipping saved, and 2% with my DPA card. Woohoo!

    Awesome! Thanks! Hope another better deal doesnt come thru.
  4. Deal Svengali

    Deal Svengali TS Rookie Posts: 372

    I just used the $600 and the $740 off coupon, after seeing your reply and they worked, these coupons just came live a couple of hours ago

    make sure there are no extra spaces on the end of the code, but they are alive and kicking.

    are you sure you are trying these coupons here
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