Waking up a dead notebook

By afmc
Sep 4, 2004
  1. Wonder if some techie out there can help me, as I am at my wits end with my three year old Advent 6412DVD notebook.

    To begin with, speedy battery drainage problems were in evidence. As the Li-on battery was three years old, I replaced it with a new one, allowing several charging and draining cycles to begin with.

    A red light was in evidence when the notebook was switched off, but charging- and an orange light indicated that charging was taking place when the machine was in use.

    I noticed that at regular intervals the "charging icon" would revert to the "battery in use, but not charging" icon on the icon bar- and it was necessary to put pressure on the mains lead at the point it slotted into the notebook. By pushing it slightly to the right or left, the orange light would eventually flicker (or the red, if it happened to be turned off) and charging could be initiated.

    At this juncture, I ordered a new mains adaptor, but found there was still a need to put some pressure (to the right or left) at the point of contact of the mains lead/ notebook.

    During this time, the battery became drained to such an extent that it would breathe no life whatsoever into the notebook. By wiggling the mains adaptor, a static green light will eventually appear above the "hibernate" (half moon) icon on the computer's surface, but it is impossible to initiate the charging which a red light would imply. When the battery is removed, the notebook will not show more than an occasional green flicker either.

    I suspect a board which controls the power supply is the culprit. Possibly the hard disc has crashed as a consequence of the inconsistent power supply (although it was functioning with accuracy prior to the battery last becoming exhausted.

    Any ideas about what might be the cause of this problem and what I might try next?
  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    It could also be a matter of the battery contacts being corroded or misaligned.

    Have you looked at the contacts on the battery and in the case???

    Can you use the machine on AC at all? Many, if not most, laptops will work without a battery (I realize this defeats the purpose.)

    Assuming that you find no contact problems, I would lean towards a board or board connector being up the creek. And at the age of your laptop, those components could be difficult to find, but maybe you'll get lucky.

    Good luck!
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