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By ba32347
Sep 21, 2008
  1. I have a used pc now and it runs bad. I am going to get a new one..My questions are; what size hard drive and storage is best. I dont know what MG and GB all this is ?? to me. I like to download lots of games to play,save lots pf photos to print at different times. Search the web for information, burn cds,dvds etc. What size memory and storage is best. Also what brands are good...Dell is my choice right now. Dont want to spend thousands of dollars either. Suggestions please.

    Barb in KY
  2. LinkedKube

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    Dell or HP, windows vista home edition(or w/e its called)

    You probably want 200Gb hard drive if you like games and plenty of picture, video etc. <<<--- Make sure the hard drives is 7400rpm or better.

    Get 2Gbs of ram in w/e pc you buy with windows vista. Dell and HP's computers all come with cd burners standard, some have dvd burners you'll have to ask

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