wanting to go wireless

By phreaker
Nov 5, 2004
  1. hello all,
    my first post here and ive got a question, i got a laptop and i would like to go wireless, i currently got road runner and have been looking into the wireless kit, ive read that B would be the best for me because im not linking 2 comps just making the laptop wireless to move around the house, heres the thing i want the best range, linksys looks good but i read here it sucks in range but has 2 antennas, i live in a old duplex and want to be able to take the laptop upstairs and surf wireless ive checked netgear also but from the reviews ive read at amazon.com they suck at range also and the reviews for linksys seems like linksys is better in range, im just need this to be clairified, any help would be most greatly appeciated.

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