Wanting to overclock my cyrix

By yodageek2063
Jan 29, 2005
  1. I want to overclock my cryix 233mhz M-II. I found my motherboard is a pcchips M571. The jumper settings for this mobo are here:

    I cannot reach the external clock settings jumpers, so I wanted to tweak the multiplier, however, no matter what settings I try, I can never go beyond 3.5 (which is what the factory settings were). My bios doesnt include clock speed or multiplier, is there any program I can use, or maybe a bios I can download and flash into my bios chip to tweak the settings? I tried softfsb but I am not sure where m571 is, i dont think it supports it.
    Any help would be appriciated.

    I only want to overclock it slightly.
  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    early cyrix chips (anything before the c3, at which point via had bought cyrix) are very poor overclock candidates. They are very hot, use high voltage, and become unstable much quicker.

    Also, many of the latter end cpus had a max multiplier lock so that you could never reach above what the chip was supposed to be at. If you really do want to OC it for a hobby and have the tools needed, my suggestion would be to get a super 7 motherboard (one that supports 100mhz FSB) and and a decent cooler. Remember, the majority of Socket A (athlon) coolers will fit on socket 5/7/370 as well, provided you get a single-clip rather then a double or triple clip heatsin. Volcano 6s work great.

    Set that puppy to 100mhz FSB and a 2.5x multiplier to start, perhaps a 3.0 if you are lucky. A 300mhz m2 would be VERY hot but may perform decently.
  3. yodageek2063

    yodageek2063 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cyrix out intel in

    I took my cyrix 233mhz out and put my pentium 200mhz in. I read that a pentium 200mhz will outperform a cyrix in some operations. Said lots of complicated stuff, but among some things it said that the cyrix MMX isnt optimized or used right, and could go slower than a pentium...
    I left my fsb at 3.5x and my clock at 66.8mhz so my pentium is overclocked at 233 mhz, 33 mhz shouldnt be too much of a problem. I have a good fan and heat sink. I set the voltage for normal for a pentium 200mhz.
  4. zephead

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    them cyrix's were pretty bad, i wouldn't try it. i had for the longest time a pentium MMX-166 and overclocked to outrageous speeds and it ran like a watch.
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