Warcraft3/Frozen Throne question

By SturmteK ยท 4 replies
Sep 19, 2004
  1. Hello Friends.
    I have a question relating WCIII and the Frozen Throne addon.
    Does the FT addon add any better graphics or enhancement to the graphics, or does the FT addon just add more content?

  2. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Adds content. The graphics don't look any better to me. I haven't played mine very much though - I played more RoC than FT.
  3. Terranova

    Terranova TS Rookie Posts: 31

    It's all just content no graphical updates it's the same for most addons they just do content otherwise they would charge more for having to spend time improving the graphics and could class it as a new game rather than an addon.
  4. ElOso

    ElOso TS Rookie

    i dont understand why people play roc and not tft... in the expansion you get lots of new heros.. more units.. so you can try diferent strats... but no new grafic stuff.

  5. csdougcs

    csdougcs TS Rookie

    WC3 FT when opeing all i get is BLACK SCREEN

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