Overclocking Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. cooling problem

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My cooler does not work, and I get the message:
"Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected.
Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service."

After that the cpu gets ridiculous slow.
My laptop is a toshiba 5205-S703. I can't take the laptop to a service repair cause here in Brasil we can't trust in such services.

My cooler is not running not, I think It is damaged. I opened the laptop and lubrificate it, but it doesnt work.

I **think**, the problem can be:
- just the cooler (I will order a cooler as soon as I discover a place on the internet where I could order OEM parts);
- the cooler and the processor (as the processor is very slow It may have damaged the processor). My processor is a P4 Mobile 2.0ghz. And I dont know where to get a new processor? Anybody know?
- or the worst of all. The motherboard function which triggers the cooler was damaged. If this happened I think I lost my laptop :(

Can anybody help me on this? dMy mail is "valentinojr@hotmail.com"


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OEM Laptop parts?...

OEM laptopparts?... Good luck call the builder of the system and get a new one even off warrenty they will often ship the parts free if it is just a fan. I would run the lappy opened for a few seconds to see in the fan is running, DONOT think about putting one finger on the system when it is like this and don't move till you turn the system off cotton shirt and denem is a good thing to ware when doing this to reduce the static charge grab the power cable and hold it a second or two then turn the system off holding the cable, ot dispell static and the human body cannot feel static charges less then 3000 volts and at 30 you can kill parts in your computer... on some systems even less then 30 v will kill it. As far as the temp reader when you replace the fan on most laptops the reader is build into the fan so if it was the reader then that will be fixxed if the problem continues they I would E Bay the system for parts and start looking at new systems... As far as Intel build Laptops go get a Dell or a Toshiba if you want some real Power for you money gen and AMD Rig from Aser... I like their Farrie Line as they have evrything you will need in a laptop and they will handle some real crazy newer games... there is a few Asers that will handle HL2 and Doom3 not at max setting but it will run better then some towers that are playing the games... Just rember that with Dell you are doning to pay for the better inhouse tech support then you will if you buy something from HP were most of the call tech work is contracted out to a Quebec Canadian ferm where they speak French first and English second, if you are lucky you will get a Western Canadian brack where they Speak English. 90% of all Dell calls go to their Western Canadian Centers and soon to be all of their calls as they are closing up shop in India and going with the higher costs of Tech help in the Canadian and U.S. market. Dell Call centers in the U.S. are for customer out side the U.S. and the Canadian ones are for people out side of Canada as that is how most call centers work. Sony makes some good systems aswell but you will pay alot mor then even Dell and tech help is not that good.
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think I lost my 5205 :(((

I wish I had this luck... Here in Brazil the things are different. OEM parts can't be found anywhere. You need to buy through internet, the least expensive I found was U$150,00 for the cooler. Price U$58,00 + U$40,00 shipping + 60% taxes. This is because the store only ship through the most expensive shipping method. If the price were less than $49,00 I would not pay taxes and it could be shipped with a cheaper method.

No luck :(

If anyone could buy a 5205 toshiba cooler for me and send me, just tell me the price and I pay 2x times for this favor.

Thanks for replying.
Valentino C. Jr.
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