Warning: Spyware has been detected on you computer

Oct 11, 2008
  1. Hello all this is my first post anyways i have this retarded problem with my computer. It all started when i was playing cod4 i was playing along and the game froze up as it always does. As i have this problem to do with some nv4-disp drivers or something but thats another story so anyways after about 30mins or so i have to restart my pc and everthings fine and i go back to my game. However this time I restarted my pc and in the bios section it came up with the option of start windows normally and safe mode etc. So i clicked on start windows normally (btw this normally doesnt happen). And so it went to the windows loading page and then nothing happened. So i restarted the pc and this time clicked on the option of last known good configuration. And to my horror when the page loaded up my wallapaper said this "Warning: spyware has been detected on your pc" inside of a windows box. I wasn't able to change the wallaper because the tabs in properties were gone. Since then i now know how to get the tabs back however everytime windows starts it keeps coming up with that warning wallapaper. I don't know how i could have possibly got a virus i wasnt even on an internet browser or opened up my email it doesnt make sense. Btw everything so far runs fine just this godam wallpaper can som1 help.
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