Watch Apple's Unleashed event right here at 10am PT / 1pm ET: this is what we're expecting


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In brief: We're only a few hours away from Apple's big Unleashed event, where the company is expected to show off a slew of updated products, including the redesigned MacBook Pros, a powerful Mac Mini, new AirPods, and more. You can watch the whole thing right here at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

The biggest reveal we're anticipating is the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. They're rumored to be powered by the successor to Apple's M1 SoC, which many assume will be called M1X or M2 but may be the M1 Pro and M1‌ Max. Whatever name Apple chooses, expect it to be more powerful than the M1 chips powering last year's MacBooks, offering more high-performance cores and graphics cores. The MacBook Pros are also said to have flat sides, mini-LED screens, a redesigned MagSafe port, no Touch Bar, and could even feature a notch.

There are also claims that Apple will unveil a new Mac Mini featuring the same all-new processor found in the MacBooks along with even more ports than the M1 Mini, which already has a ton of connectivity options. The new machine is said to use a similar design as the current model, though it will be smaller and have a "plexiglass-like top."

Most analysts agree that Apple is working on the latest version of its non-Pro AirPods, the AirPods 3. Whether these are on show later today or reserved for another event is unclear. They're said to feature an AirPods Pro-like design with shorter stems and Apple's next-gen wireless chip, as well as a charging case with Qi wireless charging as standard.

Make sure to come back later to see how many of the rumors turn out accurate.

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We know the chips will be very capable but sadly this isn't their "dev" oriented presentation which means it will be mostly be about shiny new design and power point slides with meaningless graphics showing the % of more awesome these are.

I'd like to see what advances they're bringing on the software side: Have they ironed out key holdouts like the Adobe suit running natively instead of still through rosetta 2, maybe a few games people would actually want to play and not gacha mechanics nonsense but now on your macbook instead of just your iphone and ipad and the big one how many devices without drivers are now working on M1? Not that I expect them to have lots of ports or anything but if I was a "professional" developer I might hold out on M1 macbooks until they actually support say my professional drawing tools or my high end camera hardware.

You know some basic Quality-of-life improvements to their new ARM ecosystem would be nice before they spend 90% of their time talking about how many more neural processor cores and gpu cores your potential new macbook might have.