Water cooling kit & overclocking a new Athlon

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Apr 23, 2002
  1. i want to overclock my new athlon if i get one. what is the best water cooling kit?

    ok i know i said that im a penny pincher and all that in the other post, but i am so fickle as well. Are there any good water cooling kits that sell for 100 or less? because i know that overclocking my little duron 600 to 900 is really makin heat. my comp crashes after i play intense games for a long time or do stuff that needs a lot of cpu power (the tempurature change in the room is quite noticable as well) i've got one of the hottest rooms in the house even with the window open, in oregon!!
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    I don't mean to impose, but watercoolers are generally reserved for overclocking the impossible... If you had a P4 2.2Ghz or an Athlon 2100+ or something such as that, then I would suggest getting one if you are a hardcore overclocker... But for a Duron 600, no.

    The main reason is price. You'll be hard pressed to find a decent water cooler under 50 dollars. For 50 dollars you can very well buy a Duron 900Mhz and not have to overclock at all.

    If you are willing to spend 100 dollars on something, buy an XP, a T-bird or the fastest Duron out there.
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    just a general read of 3DS & the forums will give you plenty of info.

    Product Reviews> Cooling

    Cooling and Modding >
    water cooling question

    Cooling and Modding >
    Alternate liquid cooling

    Cooling and Modding >
    Mold in water cooler lines
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    Or you could just build the water cooling system yourself. It's not that hard to do and can be done for $25-30.

    I once designed and built an excellent cooler from an old heater core out of a Toyota.
  5. konman43

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    lol whoops should explain myself

    what i meant was that i wanted to get a new mobo/cpu and just wanted to know what would be reccomendations for a water kit cause like i said im gonna do some mad overklocking. oh yea i just wanted to know of any tips on which mobo combo i should get. i been thinkin an abit mobo and a new xp, but i just want to know of other alternatives.
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