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Jun 7, 2002
  1. Right now i have 1 fan from the psu, 3 90mm case fans, Dragon Orb3 7000rpm model, and a set of 3 x 40mm hard drive fans. The cooling for my system is loud and creates an extreme amount of heat in my room! I assume that the only alternative is water cooling, and before i run out and buy the system, i want to make sure i get the facts straight...

    1. Are water cooling systems loud? If so, louder than the Dragon orb 3? It is ridiculous, i can hear this fan from neighboring rooms and down the hall!

    2. Is there as much heat produced in water cooling systems?

    Thanks for the help in advance guys!

  2. Didou

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    The cooling systems themselves do not produce extra heat. All that heat that you can feel in your room is being produced by your devices, it's just that your cooling system is doing a good job getting all that hot air out of the case.

    I can't tell you about the noise level since I haven't owned one myself.
  3. uncleel

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    & that's the bottom line... The heat has to go somewhere, & that somewhere is your room.

    There's another recent post about fan noise.
  4. Rick

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    A water cooling system has the potential to be nearly silent. Many water coolers will not eliminate the need for a fan, but since the cooler does most of the work, the fan can be very low RPMS, and in turn, very low noise.
  5. Rick

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    Heat doesn't necessarily have to go anywhere. It can be cooled just like it can be heated. You just need a means to do this. When you are using traditional air cooling, you blow room temperature air on your processor. This simply spreads the heat around, averaging air temperatures together.

    No wonder your PC is so loud with that EXTREMELY NOISY Dragon Orb. Aside from the delta fans, I think the Dragon Orb 3 is a prime model of sophisticated sonic torture.

    I'm running a copper SK6 and a 4500rpm fan with respectable temps.. It is fairly quiet. Not silent, but quiet. I also have three case fans (Panaflo) which are super quiet. My power supply is an Enermax Whisper 350watt switching.. Very quiet and nice. Although it doesn't push around much air by itself.
  6. uncleel

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    Heat goes somewhere. Typicall adding to the ambient heat of the room. You are not actually "cooling" but "removing" heat. That's what is taught from your science classes -to- A/C theory classes. Ever feel the heat from an a/c condensor on the exterior of your house? Now you know why it's mounted outside. A watercooler is similar. There is a fan & a waterblock ( heat sink) w/ water doing the heat transfer, rather than freon.

    Getting back to the point:
    If noise is a problem, consider another fan option. I don't think a watercooler is worth the expense unless your doing extreme OC'ing.
  7. Butterball

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    well i am useing a water cooling devise on my machine and it is rather loud. i have a 120 mm fan on my radiator runing at 5400 rpms. This would be quite but for the size of the fan(my entire cooling kit was purchised at www.cpufx.com). My friend has a completly silent computer. he just has a 5-galon bucket and a fountain pump so the H2O can evaperater and everything is happy. In terms of cooling i run ~ 15 (f) over ambant, my freind runs ~20-25 over. both work great and depending on the seson i can run my CPU at 45 (f). (i live in the Rockey mountains) because it can move the heat so well
  8. Tarkus

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    I knocked off about 20 dB switching from a SK-6 and a couple of high CFM case fans to a Swiftech Q-Power water cooled case. The Q-Power has 4 120 mm fans (2 for the radiator, 1 front and 1 side) that are low speed so they're very quiet. At first the case was kind of loud but the noise was coming from the old PSU fan. Once the new Antec PSU came in it got much quieter. CPU temps are much better. It's a big investment but I wouldn't go back to air cooling now.
  9. StormBringer

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    Some of those pumps can be rather loud as well. I read an article somewhere, overclockers.com I think, that told of a guy who modified his water cooling system and mounted it outside and ran the lines back inside to connect it to his comp. He said it still worked great, just cut down on the heat in the room and the noise was nnow all outside.
  10. Nick

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    Yes. Water cooling systems are dead silent. They run at a low 2300 rpms Which is usually very quiet compared to your 7200 rpm dragon orb. Personally, I would get water cooling if i had the money, instead, i have a very nice heatsink and just one fan (getting new case for my birthday.)\

    I have tried out water cooling at my uncles house (works for hp and gives me free stuff ;o.) They are dead silent.
  11. Vehementi

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    Refridgerators work in the same way. It basically uses the heat needed to evaporate water and condense it again, removing almost all of the heat from your fridged goods. If you put your hand behind a refridgerator, you'll notice it's very warm once you put warm stuff in there.

    As for water cooling systems, I'd reccomend a Koolance, they're water cooled cases, and the only noise from them is the 3 low-RPM fans at the top. And, since there's nothing that generates heat exposed to the air, you won't feel any excess warmth in the room.

    Keep in mind the 1st Law of Thermodynamics. Heat cannot be created or destroyed.
    Actually it's energy that cannot be created or destroyed, but heat is energy.
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