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Water Spill!! help me

By kramfreak
Oct 17, 2006
  1. Ok.. today has been one of my worst days.. (Skip this long first paragraph if u wanna just go on to my question)

    This morning I spilled water on my keyboard... which went psycho, but became ok after i opened it up and blow dried and nature dried it for hours. Right about the time my keyboard got to work again, I spilled my water on my computer. My pc case has fan on top for better airflow, meaning it has a vent there.. and i happened to spill water there.
    Being a dumb person I am, I just went to sleep thinking water will dry itself (computer was off at the time of water spill) instead of cleaning inside. About 4 hours later.. i woke up and turned on the computer. It booted fine.. but when Windows screen came up, I saw weird marks on the screen all over. I quickly turned off the computer and opened it up. I felt my way around and felt that... my graphic card had little bit of water on top of it. (Leadtek 7900GT). I quickly used paper towl to dry it and blow dried it with a cool air. I inserted it back in and booted computer again. Everything ran fine. Having being shocked, I constantly monitored temperatures using CPUFAN and graphic card driver... things seemed fine... until i got the BSOD saying something wrong with win32k.sys

    After the BSOD, every time my comp boots, it beeps and doesnt start. I drove to Fry's immediately (which is at least 40 min away) to buy a new graphic card..but it was closed (I arrived at 9:50).

    Now I just got back and am thinking about going back early tomm to buy a graphic card cause I need my documents to write an essay due tomm.

    Enuff blabbering, Here is my question:

    -I m pretty sure my graphic card is the only thing that got wet since it's the only thing directly below fan vent, and mobo and everything else are on the side of case. This was why I was thinking about GPU, but...
    THe beeping noise i get are continous long ones... and when I googled it, they say continous long beeps mean RAM problem, not gpu.. according to standard IBM code or what not. I dont think my RAM got wet, Can this still be only a graphic card problem?

    Here are my sepcs:

    CPU:AMD 64 x2 4800+
    RAM: 2 gigs of 400mz Kingston Hyper X
    GPU: Winfast 7900GT 256mb
    MOBO: Kn8 SLI (ABIT)

    My mobo manual doesnt say anything about beeping sound...
    Someone please help me! this is nightmare
  2. kramfreak

    kramfreak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Quick Update, I just changed RAM and computer boots. I guess it was the RAM. I just hope it doesn't crush on me with BSOD anytime soon
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