Waterblock (cpu cooler) Question

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Mar 9, 2002
  1. Waterblock Question

    I was woundering if this Waterblock was any good. Is it better or worse then Danger Den Block Maze 2? I have a Duron 1 GHZ and I'm gonning to overclock for sure.
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    Re: Waterblock Question

    i hadn't seen that one before, but it looks like it has all the right ideas together in one block! And it did very well in the OC.com waterblock test. with a clear face for coolness! could be a winner, if the fit and finish (QC) is good
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    Re: Re: Waterblock Question

    I seem to recall someone creating one like that over at the hardforum a while ago... It worked very good, but needed a good pump to go with it...

    I'll see if I can remember why tommorrow :)
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    Re: Re: Re: Waterblock Question

    Well, I tried looking up the review at OC.com, it has not been posted yet, so I don't know the whole story yet.
    According to the gemini website they actually sell 2 stlyes of this block one for low flow pumps and one for high flow.
    It will be interesting to see some real reviews/tests of these blocks.
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