WC3 Hosting Problem

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Jun 15, 2004
  1. I can't host games on my computer. My computer was custom made with different parts. My MODEM is a Sprint 645 and i have no clue why i can't host games. I don't know what a router is and it's probably my problem. :( . I have disabled the XP Pro regular Firewall. And I disabled the firewall I downloaded. I got really hopeful, and hosted a popular game (DotA) and no one joined, so PLEASE HELP!:dead: ->:) . PEACE
  2. Rick

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    Probably a router...

    A very good possibility why you cannot host a successful game is if you are behind a hardware firewall, such as a router.

    What's a router you ask? In addition to your DSL / Cable modem, you may have another box which you connect your computer's network cable to. This may be a router.

    If you have mulitple computers connected to a single Internet connection, this may also be a good sign you have a router.

    Also, there is the possibility that your modem has an integrated firewall or your Internet service protects you from incoming connections on the same port which WC3 is hosted on.

    And as another possibility, low-performance internet connections do not often host successful games. The reason being that players and servers tend to favor lower ping / faster transmission speeds. If your DSL or Cable service is very slow (especially uploading) or you are downloading other things while attempting to host a game, other players may not even your see your game hosted let alone choose to play there.

    And lastly, it is important that you have the latest game update available for WC3. Most players will have the latest update and those players will not be able to join an older version of the game... And vice versa.
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    Thanks a lot that helps. I know what a router is now. It's sitting on top of my comp. And if I go on the Internet I have to turn it on. It's connected to my Dad's fax machine. That was the problem. :D
  4. Wc3MapMaker

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    just one question

    I took out my firewall, but i still cant host, so im messen with my ports, and i need 2 different ports like 7343 to 7347, but i dont know what Ports i need? can anyone help me, im a nerd in need of help :bounce:
  5. GlobalWC3mmaker

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    I am having the same problem! i am an extreme map maker too! i have made plenty good maps but i cant even host them to get them popular! I have alltel speedstream dsl.......when i create a game it wont let anyone join! another problem i might consider would be that i have windows ME....i also have Norton internet sec. .....but i dont think it could be norton...i have turned nortons firewall off and have allowed wc3 on it....my wc3 game port is 6112 or somthing like that! PLZ HELP ME!!!
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