WDM Universal Video Capture driver and error 10 message

By craigwatanabe
Mar 9, 2006
  1. I was loading the drivers for an InVidia Geforce FX5500 128mb x8AGP graphics card on a friend's computer and when the installation wizard on XP came to the WDM Video Capture Universal driver, it said it didn't load properly and I would have problems later on (you know that MS message).

    Well sure enough when checking the hardware device manager there was that pesky yellow "!" telling me of the problem. I assume the disk had a bad driver on it so I went to Invidia's website to download the most current driver but couldn't find that same one. Instead after doing an Invidia search for that driver I got the WDM w/vivo driver. Installing that didn't do crap.

    So do I need this? I don't know but one thing is apparent, with Invidia's own DVD player InDVD, it will detect the presence of Dolby Digital encoded DVD's but will only play them in stereo. Going to their properties tab and clicking onto the speaker set up, the selection for center, rear surround and sub woofer speaker are grey'd out so I can't select them.

    The whole point in getting this card was to allow this computer to function as a home theater set up (as the onboard integrated audio on this mobo isn't set up for anything more than stereo). Speaking of onboard, I disabled it choosing to preference a PCI Creative Live 24-bit sound card. That card will test the speakers for a 5.1 setup and do it flawlessly but that's just that card.

    I basically gave up at that point and am looking to this board for wisdom on what to do at this point.


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